Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

After posting pictures on FB, one of my friends begged me to take new pictures.  I explained that these pictures were up to date to which she replied..”Ha, I don’t think so”.


This was a picture my sister took in ATL last November.

Melissa's Profile pictures 040

This is a picture my friend took a few nights ago.

I have to say that I was very surprised at the difference.  I didn’t think that the change was that different.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

So, I lost another pound this week which means that I’ve lost 5 lbs total.   The crazy thing is that it’s not hard at all.  I have a great tool bag (see previous posts) and I’m moving forward.  Slowly but surely I am getting there.

This past weekend, The Boy, started racing again.  It was beautiful when I left the house and then as I pulled into the parking lot a huge wind blew through and the temp literally dropped 25 degrees.  The Girl and I huddled in my warm car with our hoodies on and watched The Boy run the course.  This was actually a Test and Tune day.  Practice run so to speak.  I did ride with him and had a great time.  His driving has improved so much since last season and I can’t wait to see where this takes him.

This week I’ve been planning our my spring and summer garden.  Mama and Daddy were here a few days and I think Sister is going to do a garden too.  My poor Daddy is going to be so tired of “projects” we have him doing.  HA!!  I am planning on doing 4 4x4 raised beds.  Lots of tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, pole beans and peppers.  I’m also going to plant flowers around the perimeter of the beds and do some other flower planting in the back flower beds.  Daddy has already built them for me, so I get to fill them up.

It’s great having projects to do and to see it all coming together.  I’m so excited to see the fruit of my labor too.  I know that healthy eating will only add to the success I’ve had.

So, my tip today is to get some plans together that will take you outside this spring and summer.  Enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the outside.  It will do your body good.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eating well while you are sick

My family had a great weekend celebrating my Daddy’s 67th Birthday.  They decided to come to Middle Tennessee and we were happy to have them here.  It was a beautiful weekend and we took full advantage of it.

Saturday Sister and I got up early and went on a 5 mile walk on our city greenway.  We took our puppies and I think Baby like to have died.  Sister carried her about 100 ft. and put her down which was just enough to give her a 2nd wind.  Ricki on the other hand was full out ready to run and mark all the territory he could as his.

Saturday afternoon we went to paint pottery.  I painted a cookie monster cup and Sister painted a yarn bowl.  I can’t wait to pick them up on Friday and see our master pieces.

Sunday of course was the Big Day and we celebrated as a family having lunch at Old Chicago Pizza and then coming home for cake, ice cream and Daytona 500.  The night ended just as it should with a win from Dale Jr.  We were super excited.

Monday everyone left and I went to work and came home sick as a dog.  Except my doggies were feeling good and I wasn’t.  I was sick in my stomach and felt like I was going to throw up.  Around 6:30 I started running a fever and by bedtime I was really sick.  Through the night I woke up getting sick and finally at 4:30 I work up when my fever finally broke.  Today, I’ve not felt well at all and I’ve been wondering what to eat so that I don’t get sicker.

Water – Keep your body hydrated.  When you are sick with stomach issue and throwing up your body can dehydrated quickly.  Sipping water is the best thing you can do for your body.  One is helps flush the toxins out of your body.  I also tried to drink of peppermint tea last night to eat my stomach issues.

Food – For those of us that are Mama’s we remember the bland diets we had to feed our kids when they were sick.  Well, the same thing applies to us big kids.  Rice with little salt and butter, toast with peanut butter, crackers.  Remember to lay off the greasy foods as this might not be good for your stomach and might even make you sicker.

While you are sick, remember that eating and drinking is important.  Rest and get good sleep.  Remember to change your sheets and wash your bed clothes.  Clean off door handles and wash all your dishes in hot water.  Don’t keep spreading the same illness to yourself.  Also, don’t forget to wash off your items at work so that you are not spreading it there.

Being sick is rough.  I hate it as much as anyone.  Especially when I have a very important meeting tomorrow and need to update my reports.  So, be well and remember these points if you get sick.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Eating out the smart way

Calories in…Calories out.  Living this way is so much easier for me that low carb or low fat high fiber or any of the other fad diets that I’ve tried in the past.

Example; Mama and Daddy are in town through Monday.  I’m so excited they are here and enjoy their visits, but I know that we will eat out a couple times while they are here.  No problem; no stress in this.

There is a local Chinese Restaurant that is one of my parents favorite place to eat.  We have been visiting this place for 20 years not and love the owners as much as the food.  So, when Mama and Daddy come Taste of China is one of the first places we go.  Before we headed out, I looked at My Fitness Pal and decided on something I could have.  I decided on Chicken Fried Rice and how much I could have.  No problems.

After eating out, I came home and did my 30 minute of exercising.  Now I can visit with family and I’ve stayed on track.

I need to make an appointment with a podiatrist.  I’m having a little issue with my left foot.  The outside of my heel is really sore.  I believe it’s my shoes.  I don’t wear the best supportive shoes so it makes sense and I’m praying that this is all that is wrong.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You Are Worth It

Tonight I watch a sad show, The 900lb Man.  I am sitting here tonight speechless.  Not so much at the weight of this man, but that while trying to get much needed help this man died.  And the wife seemed to just quit on him just prior to his death.

While waiting for my surgery date I remember all the “steps” I had to take toward that surgery date.  I had to show an effort to loose the weight on my part.  I love a little over 20lbs prior to my surgery date.  Then I had to show a good support group in my life.  Friends, family and other surgical patients could fill that role, but I had to ask for their support.  I also had to talk to a weight loss councilor and nutritionist.  There were many things in place to get me to my surgery date.

The man didn’t have any of this in place at the time of the show and it broke my heart.  Yes, his wife was with him and took care of him, but it seemed (from the show) that she just gave up on him, he took some pills and then he died.  They are not saying that he committed suicide and I pray that this is not the case, but still my heart aches for him.

Taking the steps to change my life was hard.  Having surgery has been a hard road.  In fact it has been harder than most diets I have ever been on.  Why?  It has forced me to get in touch with who I am.  Face the feelings of helplessness.  I had to talk about feelings that in the past had caused me to eat to cover or bury those feelings.  I had to face reality.  That reality is that I’m worth every hardship I have to go through to be healthy.  I’m worth going through hard things now to get to a healthy weight.  And I’m worth being healthy for.

God doesn’t create trash to be thrown away.  God created me with a purpose and he has a plan in my life.  I can participate in that life that he has planned out for me or I can give it up.  I choose life…I choose to be worth it and I encourage you today to take the hard step and understand that you are worth change too.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I did it

My weekly goal is to loose 1lb.  This morning I weighted in with a 2lb loss.  Excitement!!  I was so happy and be able to text my “accountability gals” and let them know.  WOOHOOO!!!

This is also the beginning of the 2nd week of my workout and I have to tell you that I love this workout I am doing.  I’m able to do all of the elements that she is challenging us to do.  It feels good to work out daily and also work out my frustrations of life.

My eating has been good and clean.  I did go over my calories on Saturday night.  Saturday was GNO (Girls Night Out) and the girls went to Chili’s and then we went out and painted pottery.  We had a blast and I really thought that I had picked a good choice, but I didn’t.  Remember that when you are looking at calories online to look at several trusted sites.  I trusted the first one and then while I was looking deeper, I found I was about 3oo calories off.  Which put me over.  OH WELL.  Great thing is I was able to start over on Sunday and was able to stick with my calories.

Mama and Daddy will be here on Wednesday night and then stay through the weekend.  Sister will be here Friday and be here through the weekend.  It’s Daddy’s birthday and we are really looking forward to the celebration.  I can’t wait to have them in the house and to be able to eat and not feel guilty.  Guilty eating is no fun and you shouldn’t have to go there.  Don’t be a prisoner to your food.  Choose wisely.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Just the way you were made to be

Several years ago, before I even considered surgery I started counting calories, exercising and really focusing on my relationship with God.  I lost about 30 lbs. and really felt good.  Best of all, it was easy and I didn’t struggle.  Why?  As I tried to lose weight since then I wondered why that worked and so well.

Several weeks ago, I meet with a great friend of mine and her “Life Coach”.  I’m not sure what you would call Wayne, but that is how I will look at him right now.  he had amazing insight on your body and how God made it.

He gave me a paper that showed our relationship with God and how inside the will of God we can run buck wild.  God has put boundaries on us to allow us to have a free life full of fun and great living.  The only thing is, we have to stick to those boundaries.  Outside those boundaries, we get in trouble.  We abuse our minds and bodies and outside the will of God, we just are not healthy.

That is when it hit.  That is why it was so easy to loose the weight before.  I was inside the boundaries of God’s protection.  My body was working like it should because I was feeding it good food.  My mind was accepting the good food because I was feeding it with the Word and great Christian fellowship.  I could stick to this lifestyle because I was inside the will of God for my life.

There are many other areas that Wayne talked with me about, but these were the areas that touched me deeply.  Food nutrition, spiritual nutrition and great Christian fellowship.  A balanced life leads to healthy living and happiness.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Get Your Body Moving


I’ve been working out at our hospitals Wellness Center.  I have really enjoyed working out there because the people are striving to be healthy and not seeing who you can hook up with.  Meaning, the women are fully clothed and the men don’t oggle you or make fun of you because you are not in perfect shape.  Not that I’ve had that experience in the past…just saying. Smile

Well, in an attempt to save money and pay off all my medical bills from surgery, I have given up my membership at the gym started working out at home.

To kick off my new workouts, I found this great DVD Walk it off in 30 days.  I found it for $7.99 and so I grabbed it right up.

So, here’s the deal, Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s you do the 30 minute cardio portion of the DVD.  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays you do the 30 minute strength training portion.  You change up everyday and you can add the weight you wish to use.  Easy peasy!!

Monday was great with my first night of cardio.  Tuesday was also wonderful with my first night of strength training.  However, Wednesday I was super sore and today hasn’t been much better.  HA!  I have kept working out and will not let the muscle soreness get me down.  I don’t hurt, so it a good sore.  And because I am not a quitter, I keep on going.  I might not be able to walk very fast and I groan a lot, but I’m keep on going.